Having an Open Mind to Change

My mom thought it was going to be a nightmare having to look for a shower door. She needed a new one since she had to have her old one replaced when the grand kids threw a ball at the door and left a hole in it. She couldn’t find anyone that installed them near her, so I looked for shower doors near me to see if anyone installed them. When I found someone, I asked if they installed in my mom’s city and they did.

My mom and I took a trek to the home improvement place to speak with the shower installation team. They had my mom pick out a door first. My mom told them she just wanted a plain simple glass door because that’s what she had in the bathroom previously. She was sticking to that, until I started flipping through the book they had just to see what they had. She saw a frosted door and panel and really loved that look. She quickly changed her mind and asked for a little more time to decide.

The installer was really nice and explained the benefits to designed doors vs plain glass doors. My mom really liked what she was hearing then opted to get a frosted door with horizontal lines etched across it. She has a sailor/ocean theme in her bathroom and she thought that the lines would fit in perfectly with it. She gave them the measurements to get a door ordered and we were told it could be a few weeks before the door comes.

It wasn’t a week later, the call came in that the door was ready! My mom was so thrilled and they came over the next day and installed the door and a panel as a replacement. She felt the lines etched in the door was the perfect finishing touch and brought the whole bathroom together.